Musical Pitch Game Violin

The app consists of two sections.

In section “Play Game” you can test and improve your skill in determining the musical pitch. Press the play button and a tone will sound. Then press and hold down the corresponding note on the violin fingerboard. Compare the two sounds! When the note is released a message which displays the result. The game has 12 levels. You have to complete a level to get to the next level.

In section “Practice” you can learn were the notes are placed on the violin fingerboard. Get to know the sound of notes by pressing individual notes on the fingerboard. Play melodies by controlling the length of the sound. Control the length of sound by releasing the note. When the note is released it stops sounding. Play chords using multiple fingers. If you do not release the note it will stop sounding after some time.

This is a free app. An ad will be displayed when you navigate back to the menu view. An ad will allso be displayed when you complete a level in the game.

Please let me know through E-mail if there is any problem when using the app.


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