Ultra quick memo notes

The description of Ultra quick memo notes

It is an application that can be taken note immediately ultra-simple operation of just close it hit open.
Super easy fastest operation that is saved when you can input or when you want to keep the note immediately that you have flashed suddenly, for example, when you do not have the writing instrument and memo paper, and at the same time open the app, exit the application It is an application which was particular about.By maximally to simplify the design and functionality, I aimed a note notebook light and fast to the highest level.
It is an application of recommended if we may note any time soon, people-oriented response.

(Operating Instructions)

When you start the app, input screen is displayed.
Enter a character, press the button “EndApp with Save” of, save the note along with the date application is terminated.
Open,Input,Exit, that’s it.

If you want to continuous save,press the button “Save only”.

Note saved because it is listed under the input field, tap the character part of the list you want to see the full text will be displayed.

You can delete a note in the delete button on the left.

If you want to delete all your notes, press and hold the button “DeleteAll(LongTap)” on the bottom.

Background color will change each time you press the button at the bottom of the “ChangeColor”, please use the color of your choice.
Color settings are saved.

When you press the button at the bottom of the “LaunchConfig”, automatic startup setting screen is displayed.
Can be set for each day of the week app to stand up automatically when you start the charge.

Because it is a very light app, without also be pressure on the capacity of the terminal, download also end soon.
Than design and production, the person you want to give priority to “light” and “fast”, “easy” anyway, please use it to install once by all means because it is free.

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