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Be all and take all – This is a philosophy we largely believe in order to deliver a magical output for the cricketing landscape that has remained unattained at the ground level. To enterprise that very ideology and enhance the user experience, we, at Xcel Corp, landed CricDost so that the fanatics can amplify the love for the game with never-seen-before features that will bowl you over.

Cric Dost application empowers you in a multi-faceted role – from e-scoring to live broadcasting, from finding grounds to hosting matches to finding umpires and commentators all at one place. Our true-to-the-milieu application delivers a unique technological benefit which is truly simple at heart and easy to use. Cric Dost is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Yes, you read that right. It’s FREE OF COST. Then what are you waiting for?

Have you ever wanted to organise a cricket tournament and deliver to a wider audience without any hassle? Cric Dost gets you covered. Create the tournament, add your team and Boom! No matter which part of the world you are at the moment, anyone can follow the match as closely as they do for an international and league match. From Schedule, Leaderboard, Points Table, Sponsors, and other available facilities, Cric Dost offers a product with uniqueness overloaded.

Live Cricket E-scoring:
It is fundamental to any cricket application and Cric Dost delivers on the promise better than anyone in this industry. With our cool graphics, designed specifically to keep the fans engaged, you won’t mind staying active on the app all day and feel thrilled as if you are watching it on the ground. It is fast, it is smooth to use and most importantly, it keeps you hooked to any local/national/international events you want to follow.

Live Cricket Match Streaming:
Following live scores is fun but do you know what is more fun? Try beating the thrill of watching it live on your mobile screen and I am sure you will fall way off it. That’s the charisma live streaming provides and our platform stays committed to deliver them at a single place. Through this, you will not only be able to neat-pick the every single detail thanks to the high-definition camera but also enjoy, root and celebrate every run or wicket on offer. Why would international cricketers have all the fun?

‘Sure enough you deliver e-scoring and live streaming but how do we get the paraphernalia with us?” you may ask. Worry not. We have you covered. CricDost, an all-in-one platform, gives you all the details about local grounds, umpires, commentators, along with videographers so that you can just come over and play without having to worry about anything else. Sounds interested?

Live Scores and News:
As you use Cric Dost to have your own game-time sorted and essentially enjoy your off-time in a packaged entertainment manner, Cric Dost also strives to provide you the details about all international, domestic, and league cricket updates simultaneously. At Cric Dost, you find news and analytical stories as well that are uniquely packaged, keeping both the serious and lighter side of the sport in mind.

Want to have a random discussion with your friend about that Kohli century or if Chennai were wrong in their approach? Or what about a discussion on the bad off-side strategy your friend employed in one of the Cric Dost tournaments. Well, Cric Dost provides you the opportunity to be your own expert and connect with your friends for a chat on the same. All thanks to our CricSpace where you can pass long hours sharing your opinion and also upload memorable photos and videos to have a gala time on our App.

Download CricDost App now and enjoy playing the game with the cricket experts.

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