Lagu GBKP – Kitab Ende-Enden

The description of Lagu GBKP – Kitab Ende-Enden

Lagu GBKP Version 1.1 is the first release of Android for GBKP songs book. This application is expected to help the congregation GBKP learn songs, both the book ende-endeen, penambahen ende-Enden, supplements ende-Enden and in studying the sheet music choir.

The first version is still not complete and there are still a lot of typos and formatting, especially in the notation has not been added to the database. Here the user is expected to track GBKP Android version for a role in the repair of this Lagu GBKP.

In this application has been made ​​of features for editing lyrics or formatting errors or even add a new poem that does not exist as in the ende-Enden supplements. Video guide to edit the poem can be seen at the following link

Aside from the conventional mode ode, the Lagu GBKP applications, there are features of the score mode, wherein the selected song may appear in sheet music form complete with lyrics and song notation. Format notation used is designed in the form of “Not Angka” so easy in reading and development. The notation is divided in the form Soprano Alto Tenor choir (SATB) to represent the sound of 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Guide to add / edit notation (not a number) and the lyrics can be viewed at the following link:

Application Lagu GBKP also provides a mechanism for share arrangements are made ​​so that other users can download and use these arrangements.

It is expected that the participation of the users of these applications to assist in the repair or updating of this application, especially in correcting, and editing existing lyrics at this time. Also added a notation of each song, especially for soprano (voice 1) and if possible at the same SATB harmony.

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