Temple Danger Run

The description of Temple Danger Run

Temple danger endless run, the new dangeorus game.
Delve into the bowels of a dark castle to try to save your army of medieval warriors ready to run the most dangerous race this year. Try the new danger temple dash adventure now for free.Run along the different paths between stones and carpets between the castle and the lost temple, find the path that will take you to the outside and re-enter the temple until you can dodge the dreaded flames of evil that emerge from the ground Of the dungeons. An easy game system that will take you through the hundreds of different ways of the castle and the temple. Run without looking back and try to dodge the traps and the tiny monsters and fireballs. Explore the different options you have between the different possible paths and choose the right one to win this game.

An amazing runner with all kinds of details that make you come back to the great medieval castles unequaled in a pure environment of war for power between the different clans of the kingdom. Help your warriors find the way out and make your clan dominate the lost kingdom.

Characteristics Castle Clans Run

* Run between Stone Temples and Fire Dungeons
* Crosses and ends of roads so that you have options to choose the right path
* Just slide a single finger and you will get the power of all possible options
* A luxury of details of both the exteriors of the temple and the interiors of the castle
* A movie soundtrack to fully enter the action
* Free Shop: Choose your characters
* Free Powers Store: Buy the potion you want with the gold you get
* Look for gold and diamonds, it will serve to make you stronger and faster
* Be invincible and rule the kingdom among the fastest runners of the clan
* Enjoy anywhere for free

Thanks for downloading Castle Clans Run and playing with him, we are going to keep improving and we will be eternally grateful that he shares his options

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