Run your business on the go from your mobile device. MeraCRM app combines CRM, custom miniapps, and business processes in a digital experience. Be it at coffee shop, seminar or your own office, MeraCRM let’s you complete your follow ups on the go. Whether you’re single handedly managing all your sales or you are managing a large team of highly motivated sales team, MeraCRM helps you increase your productivity and retain your business from anywhere.

Secure Access
Login with your secure credentials and keep your data safe. Get additional security with OTP verification. Reset your password on the go.

Manage your day
Start your day with already planned events or tasks and add new tasks on the go. Tap into any follow up and find out total history. Call any opportunity from the task list, complete the task and update remarks on the go. Group your tasks according to type, status and priority and efficiently handle your day. You can even record your meeting time and gps location for any meeting.

Nurture your deals
Sell on the go and close deals fast. Get notified for all your important lead closing deadlines and take actions from anywhere. Get instant access to all your opportunities along with their personal details and update them on the go. Record your call communication and save call recordings to the cloud along with client details. Get notified about who is calling you with caller id and complete your follow ups with MeraCRM action pop up after call hangup. You can also import contacts from your phone and save it to CRM on the go.

Track your performance.
Get notified for all new inquiries and have a real-time view of your business from the palm of your hand. Check work schedule of your team and assign tasks easily. Have stage wise opportunity counts anytime.

Collect and Upload important Docs
Upload and attach important documents along with your inquiries or existing clients. Have a complete kundali of any inquiry on the go.

Better team collaboration
Assign opportunities and tasks easily among your team. Let your team have a complete history about previous communications and take a call accordingly. Track your members’ gps location and assign tasks accordingly. Be assured with nearby wifi details along with GPS locations. Call directly from the app and add your team members for the conference.

Quick Communication and Material sharing
Use predefined email and sms templates and share them using SMS, Email, Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business. Reach with your clients easily and forward information quickly.

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